Growing up, my mother would tell me not to eat from everyone’s table. If you do, you’re going to get sick! Her very practical advice was loaded with meaning that we should all listen to, especially in the times we’re in today. Simply put, you can’t just consume information, entertainment, media, and advice from everywhere. All sources aren’t created equally. Some are better than others.

For example, let’s say you’re thirsty and looking for something to drink. Would you rather drink from an old, shaky water fountain that doesn’t look like it’s been properly maintained or a fresh, unopened bottle of water that someone hands you from a cooler? I’d bet you’d go for the verifiably reliable water source — the bottle.  We must consider the source of our information in every facet of life, especially regarding finances.

These days everyone has something to say about money and building wealth. While I’m happy that people are attuned and curious, I’m concerned that people who haven’t done the work themselves and don’t have any current or real experience in creating wealth are leading well-meaning people down unfamiliar paths.

I  want everyone to win, but the coaches should be experienced players already winning the game on some level.

Check out my latest Straight Talk above, and let me know your thoughts. If you’re looking for quality financial coaching for FREE, visit and sign up today with one of my financial wellbeing coaches. They’ll get you started on the path towards financial dignity and empowerment.

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