Clubs are a pretty exciting thing to be a part of, and there are many types. There are country clubs, bridge clubs, sports clubs, nightclubs, and even clubs for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. All of the aforementioned clubs have their own rules, members,  criteria for joining, and so on. But the one thing that they all have in common is that they’re built around a shared experience, interest, and/or goal.

Most, if not all, of the clubs I mentioned require some effort to join. But there are many others that we belong to by default. If you attended college and/or joined your alumni group — you’re a part of that club. If you are financially savvy — you are a part of that club. If you and your friends only gather to drink, smoke, and gossip, then guess what — you’re a part of that club.

The clubs you associate with determine the currency and capital you value. If you invest in good clubs, you develop a positive social currency that can help your trajectory in life. Likewise, if you associate with negative clubs with negative goals and values, then you’ll end up with the same type of currency for life’s exchange.

So, it begs the question — what club(s) do you belong to?

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