We’re in the midst of what I call the Third Reconstruction. This era will see an explosion of financial literacy and economic opportunity for all, especially for African Americans, the unbanked, and the underserved. For far too long, millions of Americans have been pushed out of our nation’s economic system, leaving them to find ways to survive rather than thrive in their own backyard. 

That should not be so. It’s not what America stands for, nor the kind of America that our best and brightest have fought to build. One of my heroes and the mentor and co-laborer of my mentor and HOPE’s global spokesperson, Ambassador Andrew Young — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — had a vision for an America where all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or other distinguishing factors, could live together in unity. But that’s not where his dream ends. He also believed in an America where everyone had an opportunity to earn a living wage and live a decent and fulfilled life, regardless of their socioeconomic station in life.

Unfortunately, Dr. King met an untimely end. Yet, the spirit of his work remains, and it lives on through the work of Operation HOPE and the Silver Rights Movement.

We are on the move, and we’re headed somewhere beautiful. Watch my latest Straight Talk to understand my vision for the Silver Rights Movement and what we’re accomplishing in the Third Reconstruction.

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