It’s amazing what you can see when you simply just open your eyes and pay attention. We’re often distracted by this fad or the next, and our attention is constantly being pulled in so many different directions. However, if you pause and recognize the subtle shifts around you you’ll get a preview of what’s to come in society.

Recently as I was traveling through Laguardia Airport I noticed that the terminal I had passed through so many times over the years looked completely different. That’s because it was. They had just recently completed construction on a new terminal. No matter which direction you turned change was staring you in the face. What’s truly amazing is how they took the time to construct something so beautiful so quietly. What they were working on was hidden in plain sight until the grand unveiling. Then, after the fanfare and pomp and circumstance,  what was once new becomes normalized its simply accepted as the new standard.  And things keep on moving how they always have.

It’s the same way  with the world around us. It’s constantly changing, constantly evolving. And unless we wake up and get ahead of the parade (read any kind of technological/societal shift), adapt, and join in we run the risk of getting run over! Progress isn’t slowing down just because you aren’t prepared. So be prepared.

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts.

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