The success of any organization or endeavor rises and falls on its leadership. It’s paramount. Without it, the collective finds itself without identity, focus, and direction and is fundamentally in disarray. The price and appreciation for leadership is severely  undervalued almost as much as it’s misunderstood. Far too many people look at leaders and envy them for their roles and elevated positions without comprehending the cost of effective leadership on the leader themselves.

As a leader you’ll soon come to understand that being a leader — a good leader — is difficult.  That doesns’t mean that it’s not  fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. But it is in fact hard.  But here’s the kicker. Despite the difficulties, you’ve got to do it anyway.

True leadership finds you putting out fires you didn’t start, apologizing when things go wrong, and being accountable when  things inevitably happen that are beyond your control. That’ why it’s important for those in leadership and aspiring for leadership roles to get well-acquainted with this fact before it’ time to show up and do the hard stuff.

Check out my latest Straight Talk on leadership for some insight into this God-given task and some encouragement to help you along the way.

Remember, as a leader, even if it’ snot your fault,  it’ still your responsibility.

Love and light.

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