I  was recently in London, passing through security, and something mind-boggling happened. I made it through in what felt like a record time of about 8 minutes. As impressive as that is, that wasn’t the part that shocked me and made me think twice. It was the fact that this was done without interfacing with a single human being. That’s right — something as major and important as international security has been mostly outsourced to computers through AI, machine learning, and robots.

To most of you, that’s just another day in the life of a 21st-century world. But if you look beyond the surface, you’ll begin to see the clarion call to get educated and gain some level of computer literacy along with a specialized focus and skill. The tech economy is booming, and there’s no end in sight. If you want to remain competitive and relevant in the years to come, you must, and I do mean MUST, become well-versed in financial literacy and tech literacy.

Watch my video below and let me know how you’re preparing yourself for the booming tech economy that’s coming and is already here.

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