On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Operation HOPE, the largest nonprofit financial inclusion organization in America, and on the eve of the successful recapitalization of The Promise Homes Company, the largest in its category, and which I founded just under 5 years ago in June 2017, I am resetting everything — for sustainability and institutional growth.

As I and we pivot into the next phase of my growth and development as an entrepreneur, businessman and leader, I thought it was time for a reset of my brand online. Introducing John Hope Bryant Holdings, LLC.

John Hope Bryant Holdings LLC is my new umbrella website, which introduces me in hopefully a more comprehensive and holisitic way.

It comprises and includes the ‘doing well’ part of my life (the business side), and the ‘doing good’ part (the philanthropic side), along with my passions for writing, a one stop location for all the brands, businesses and organizations I have had a hand in building, and those who I advise professionally.

There is a timeline for my development, my new national podcast partnership with iHeart Radio, my speaking portfolio, the growing single family real estate venture, The Promise Homes Company, and so much more.

I have built more than 40 companies, organizations and entities into a level of operational maturity, and now they are all organized in one place. Next step: sustainable growth and institution building.

A special thank you to Ms. Debbie Fiddyment, and Ms. Rachael Doff, for their help in making my literal dreams here, come true.

John Hope Bryant. Entrepreneur.

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