This week I was honored to join the leaders and supporters of and from the Harlem YMCA for their 2022 Gala. The 50th bai Achievers in Industry gala was hosted by CBS Los Angeles anchor DeMarco Morgan.

While receiving the Leo B. Marsh Memorial Award, I was excited to announce a spontaneous $1,000 cash grant, and a $25,000 valued in-kind grant through our 1MBB platform to help Tabitha Ferdinand to create an eCommerce business for existing candle making her.

In an effort to encourage other successful African-American business leaders to become philanthropic leaders, joining established corporate leaders, in support of the Harlem and NYC YMCA, I announced the new Chaitra Dalton Bryant Scholarship. The commitment is for this to become an annual $2500.00 scholarship to support a deserving young leader from the Harlem YMCA, supported by our new Bryant Family Foundation. Chaitra lived in Manhattan for 18 years, and today still owns a rental residence in Harlem.

If you live in Manhattan or Harlem, and want to support a good cause, the NYC and Harlem YMCA checks all of those boxes. To be inspired by the Harlem YMCAs rich history, read this.

This is my Up From Nothing story. Read the book, and when you are ready, contact my team at Operation HOPE to begin building your own story. And subscribe to my new weekly podcast on iHeart called BUILDING the Good Life.

Onward and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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