Introducing the FIRST (Harley Davidson inspired) LiveWire One, sold and delivered in Georgia

To underscore my belief in and support for the Harley Davidson brand (we are working on a powerful partnership together with them for Operation HOPE, so stay tuned for more there), I was excited to report that I am the first official purchaser of a Livewire One branded motorcycle in the State of Georgia. Purchased through their online process with home delivery made possible through Falcon Fury Harley Davidson, in Conyers, Georgia.

I thought I would never warm to electric automotive technology, but I also wanted to be responsible when it came to the environment — so I thought I would at least consider the options. And after investigating the Harley Davidson inspired eBike, called the LiveWire, and then test driving one, I must admit — I am hooked.  I will post test ride content as I get into the bike more fully, but the short version is more torque, more power, more elegance of experience, more sustainability for our planet — and more smiles, for the person under the helmet. 

A special thank you to Kevin Trebe from LiveWire (online), Jerrell Whitfield, my sales representative at Falcon Fury Harley Davidson, along with the rest of the Falcon Fury team including Jamie and Anthony. Thank you.

Soon, it’s time to ride!

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