During this giving season, I hope that you will consider contributing to the USC John Hope Bryant Endowed Scholarship Fund. (JHB Scholarship). As you know, I believe access to education is paramount. As student loan debt continues to rise, advanced degrees are out of reach for so many Americans. The cost of college continues to climb, which means student loans do, too. And, as I’ve talked about in the past, student loan debt can negatively impact borrowers’ lives years after school. Together we can change that.

All donations go towards reducing the burden of tuition and student debt for students studying social work at USC. Ever since the inaugural student, Daniel Soto, received his award in 2005, we have been awarding the JHB Scholarship annually.

I recently received a note from Sona Hovsepian, MSW ’11. I’m grateful that the Bryant Scholarship enabled her to dedicate more time to pursue her degree. Now, as a seasoned LCSW and health science specialist at the local, state, and national level, Sona is also a researcher focused on Veterans with serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and a history of homelessness. In her own words:

“The support of the Bryant Scholarship goes above and beyond its monetary contribution; it allowed me to reduce my work hours in order to complete my graduate studies while still supporting my family and raising our daughter. One step at a time, I have been utilizing my education to make change in the world we all live in. Thank you, John Hope Bryant, for believing in education, for providing an opportunity to learn, and for creating a better future for all of us.” – Sona Hovsepian, LCSW

The sky’s the limit for people like Sona. She’s got a winning mindset!

Think about all of the costs that go along with tuition and fees: four years of textbooks, room and board, meals (students have to eat, too!) and transportation to get to and from class.

Post-secondary education is not a one size fits all. But the benefits are undeniable. Higher education graduates are more gainfully employed, tend to be healthier and more active citizens who give back to the community. This is a win-win for us all. I hope you will click the link below to support.


Every gift, every dollar, makes every difference.

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