This morning, I joined Stephanie Ruhle and a panel of guests to discuss the latest jobs report. It certifies and reveals what we already know anecdotally — there are millions of vacant jobs that employers simply cannot fill around the country. It doesn’t mean that people don’t want to work. Nor does it mean that people are now above working service sector jobs. It simply means that part of our economic reset is the demand for a living wage, and rightfully so.

I strongly believe that the passsage of the infrastructure bill through Congress will cement our nation’s pivot towards progresss and a new living wage standard for working class Americanss. Not only will it create meaningful, well-paying jobs but it will help develop a workforce geared for the 21st century and a fast changing, technological world. Regardless of the positive trends highlighted in this month’s jobs report, we must make robust investments in our human capital, especially those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, and make it a national priority. Without it we become a sinking ship and risk losing our hegemony in the world.

Enjoy the clip from today’s segment below and let me know your thought on Twitter at @johnhopebryant.

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