Today was a great day for our work at Operation HOPE, our silver rights movement, and the growing body of work that we believe informs a 3rd Reconstruction, that spans 2020 to 2030.  Most importantly, we believe that this work is part of the data  baseline that seeks to solve old problems with new approaches, new technology, and new solutions too.

In this regard I want to thank and commend our partner here in this work, Experian, who provided all of the national credit score data to Operation HOPE — and by extension the underserved communities we serve — at zero cost to either and both (Operation HOPE and the under served communities we serve).  Notably, I wanted to thank Experian’s CEO for North America, Mr. Craig Boundy, who also serves on the HOPE Global Board of  Advisors.

Our new HOPE Financial Wellness Index, which we also refer to as the HOPE 700 Credit Score Index, has an opportunity to make the case of and for ‘social justice through an economic lens,’ which is the overwhelming work of and for Operation HOPE itself. It is the framework through which we have also outlined a vision for the 3rd Reconstruction.

As you explore the Index, you will find fascinating correlations, including the fact that low credit score states also happen to be the lowest GDPs for states, and zip codes with the highest credit scores have the greatest societal stability. Or as I often say, ‘700 credit score communities don’t riot, they go shopping.’

More insights and analysis to come, but feel free to visit the Index site often and do your own research. Once again, a thank you to the Experian team and leadership. 

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