My brother and friend Roland Martin, is on the move. And he has done it, again.

Introducing the new Roland Martin Unfiltered studio, for his growing broadcast network channel. it is beautiful, and I hear this is only the start for what he has in store. Be inspired, as he owns 100% of his own Content Library.

This should give you inspiration, around and about what YOU can do, as a business owner or entrepreneurial leader.

You can take your first move, if you happen to be African-American and aspiring, by signing up to the 1MBB (1 Million New Black Business Initiative) movement from Operation HOPE and Shopify, today. We are supporting each engaged 1MBB business with up to $25,000 in licenses and support wrap around services.

Sign up and support Roland Martin Unfiltered, and follow all of his social media accounts, mine and that of Operation HOPE. We are ‘on the move,’ with an entirely new movement, for and in an entirely different time and space. This is YOUR time.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant, Entrepreneur.

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