To you, today is likely just another Friday. And this month, this year even, will come and go as all of the ones that came before it. What you may not realize, however, is that you’re severely undervaluing the time that we’re in and its historic implications.

I recently spoke with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio about this special time and why we all should be paying attention. We’re still in the middle of the worst global health crisis of our time, America is reckoning with her 400-year old racial justice dilemma, and now, people are beginning to wake up and are getting the memo on financial literacy.

I, along with Operation HOPE, and other leaders from some of America’s leading corporations and institutions are leading the charge to radically redefine and reimagine our nation’s relationship to financial literacy through an initiative called Financial Literacy for All (FL4A). Through FL4A, we aim to weave financial literacy into the very fabric of our nation’s day-to-day life and make savings, smart investing, budgeting, and positive money mindset conversations the norm, not the exception.

FL4A is not just another “program”. It’s a movement.

Empowering all Americans, especially the historically disenfranchised, underpaid, and underserved is not just the morally ethically just thing to do. It’s the smart economic choice. When one wins, we all win.

We must remember that we’re all in this together.

Listen to the interview above and visit us on the web at to learn more about FL4A and how to get involved. Then visit to get started on your financial wellness journey today.

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