If you want to learn to be wealthy, it’s best to learn from someone who’s already attained it. For the most part, wealthy individuals and financial gurus who have amassed some measure of economic success offer pretty great insight. But no one is right 100% of the time, and I’ve noticed that many of my wealthy peers make a BIG miss when it comes to advice on homeownership.

You’ll hear many people of means saying that homeownership isn’t for the middle class and it’s best to stick to renting. I’m here to tell you that they couldn’t be more wrong and are leading you to act against your best interest. When you rent a home, it’s true that you do get benefits like reduced responsibility for the property, which is often falls to the landlord. But there’s a catch. With each rent payment, you’re essentially taking your hard-earned money and throwing it out the window, never to see it again, ¬†while you make the actual homeowner wealthier. On the other hand, homeowners actively invest back into themselves and their futures when making their mortgage payments.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: homeownership is a wealth-building tool, and it is available to you!

The system is designed to benefit owners and stakeholders in a community, and now is the best time to purchase a home if you have not already. Rates are at historic lows and you have an opportunity to take hold of your part of the American dream.

Watch my video below to learn more and then make an appointment with one of my financial wellbeing coaches. Find one closest to you at www.operationhope.org

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