In Dr. King’s final book before his untimely demise, he asked an all-important question that we still find ourselves asking today — where do we go from here? For the better part of a year, we have been dealing with the most significant global health crisis since the 1914 Spanish Flu and are experiencing an overdue social justice reckoning. The height of the protests has ended. Some parts of the world are beginning to reopen thanks to community adherence to social distancing mandates and the vaccine. So what happens next?

It’s time for us to move from the streets into the suites. We’ve made our grievances known to the world. We have been heard. By and large, many people have taken note and are looking for ways to lean in and help. While that is well and good, and we appreciate the help and support we’ve garnered, a saying that I grew up hearing the more seasoned people in my community say keeps ringing in my ear — “God bless the child that has his own.”

It’s time for us to move from rehearsing our well-known and well-documented grievances and put together a business plan. Ownership and investment are within our grasp, and we are in a prime position to take advantage of the opportunity, but first, we have to get our minds right. Mindset is so important to the way we think, move, and operate. When we shift our mindset from “surviving” to “thriving” the world begins to open up to us even more, and the possibilities become endless.

In this next phase of your personal and professional life, you have to make some choices. Will you begin to respond, or will you always react? Will you continue to step in mess, or will you step over it? Will you always be the borrower, or will you choose to become the lender? You must begin to believe certain truths about yourself before you even live them. This is in part what I call a “millionaire state of mind.”

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