I like to give the analogy of the eagle, the buzzard, and the turkey to illustrate what successful people look like. The eagle is a majestic bird. It knows how to be alone, but not be lonely. It soars high and is unbothered by what’s going on below it. The buzzard, however, is easily led by its peers. It has to travel in a kettle to get where it wants to go. And a turkey is a bird that has wings but cannot fly. In essence, its assets are there just for show.


People are the same way. There are three different kinds of people with three different mindsets, and they each have a radically different approach to life. There are thrivers, survivors, and winners. Find out which category you fit in in my latest video. Watch it now below and then grab my latest book, Up From Nothing: The Untold Story of How We All Succeed from Amazon. 

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