Today marks the 29th anniversary of the acquittal of the four police officers who brutally attacked Rodney King on March 3, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. What followed was a manifestation of the powerful words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said “riots are the cries of the unheard.” That night, a city-wide cry of desperation morphed into a massive five-day riot resulting in the destruction of many homes and businesses. This sad moment in American history marks a shift in culture where the stories of the voiceless began to make headlines thanks to the power of technology, film, and amplification by the media.

It is not lost upon us how these events mirror the global tragedy we experienced last May, with the murder of George Floyd, and the near providential timing of the conviction of former Officer Derek Chauvin. Unfortunately, the drama of police brutality and an abuse of power continues to play out on our national stage nearly 30 years later. Nevertheless, the arc of the moral universe continues to bend towards justice, and we continue to fight for its causes on every front.

Operation HOPE was birthed in the aftermath of the LA Riots in an effort to rebuild and restore confidence and dignity in those who felt they had none. Our efforts have expanded from the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and into communities across the nation, promoting financial dignity and empowerment – bolstering sustainable transformation by first finding hope inside oneself and then translating that into a positive money mindset which results in healthy financial habits. 

As we continue to move ahead towards transformational growth and progress, we must never forget our origin story and must always remember our “why”. Let us continue to march ahead and make our communities and our world a better place together by promoting dignity, hope, love and light to everyone. 

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