Tonight, President Biden will deliver the first major address to America and a joint session of Congress. He is expected to lay out his Administration’s priorities and agenda which includes a robust investment into young people and education within what he is calling the American Families Plan. This plan calls for four years of free education for qualifying Americans – free Pre-K for 3- and 4-year old’s, and two years of free community college.

The president’s agenda, we believe is a step in the direction, and correlates with the primary piece of the New Marshall Plan, “Education for All”. In the New Marshall Plan, which was published last year by the Milken Institute, I outlined a comprehensive plan that would help our country course correct and help ensure equality, equity, and profound access to opportunity for all Americans for generations to come.

Education for All

Congress to pass bipartisan legislation providing cost-free kindergarten through college public education for all. Investment would be debt-free to the recipient as long as they transferred education into gainful employment within 18 months and for at least five years of employment. This could be seen as part of redressing more than 250 years of public education denied or undeniably inferior for the African American community. “

The New Marshall Plan,

I believe that education is a great equalizer and opens doors to unlimited possibilities. With a stronger, more educated workforce, we remain competitive on the global stage and inspire newer generations of innovators who are equipped with not only the passion but the “know how” and the connections to accomplish their dreams. President Biden’s plan, as it currently exists, is only a start, but is a roadmap and a headway for greater investments in education in the future.

Operation HOPE supports all efforts aimed at uplifting the community and leveling the playing field so that we all have an opportunity to win and win at scale. We can still accomplish this together and can begin making a difference today. I encourage you to read and/or revisit the New Marshall Plan and help amplify its message and comprehensive plan. Our government is listening and is responding to our collective call for change. This is only the beginning and there is much more work to be done.

To get involved and to promote the New Marshall Plan in its entirety, visit and connect with us on this and any of our other ongoing initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty, increasing opportunity, and making the American economy work for us all.  

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