Today, I’m briefly unpacking the the “magic” behind the media empire that my friend, Roland Martin, has built from the ground up. He’s mastered his craft and he’s learned how to leverage his unique talents and gifts in a way that put him in position to become an owner. That ownership allows him some flexibility and freedoms that he otherwise might not have.

Watch my video below to get a better sense of what I’m talking about and start applying some of these lessons in your own life as you begin to grow and build generational wealth for you and your family. Then, check out my latest appearance on his show as we commemorated the life and legacy of Vernon Jordan, a modern day Civil Rights giant, who passed away earlier this month. In-depth interviews and episodes like these demonstrate why our community needs more entrepreneurs and “mogul mindset” individuals. They help make sure that we’re seen and heard where and when it matters most.

If you’re inspired to position yourself to be an owner, have freedom, and make an impact in your community through entrepreneurship, sign up for Operation HOPE’s 1 Million Black Business, powered by HOPE and Shopify, today.

Love and light!

Unpacking the Roland Martin Media Empire
My recent appearance on #RolandMartinUnfiltered discussing the impact and legacy of Mr. Vernon Jordan

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