It’s no secret that African Americans were denied meaningful participation in the American economic system for hundreds of years. Notice I said¬†meaningful. African Americans were indeed involved in the American economy’s growth and wealth-building in this nation, but it did not benefit them. In fact, the system and its wealth were built by them and on their backs, but it resulted in a massive reverse transfer of wealth. We call this slavery.

The recently passed $1.9 trillion stimulus package is going to massively spur GDP. This is going to do our country a lot of good. But some lawmakers in Washington are up in arms about a $5 billion provision intended to help Black farmers get to a place of financial stability. They’re calling it reparations, but let’s examine the extent of which reparations would have to account for. A drop in the bucket to promote social equity and financial equity seems to me to be the common-sense moral thing to do, but let’s focus on the math. The numbers simply don’t lie.¬†

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