So anyone that knows me, personally, knows that I am passionate about my mission of advancing and helping and empowering others, but I am also passionate about all things cars.  I believe that top car brands are similar to pieces of ‘art on wheels.’   During the course of my automotive experiences I often run across some of the coolest people.  Two of them, are noted here.  Let me begin with my Black History Month, ‘Excellence in Black’ feature for Motorcars of Atlanta.  

His name is Alex Bouquet, he’s Black African (a proud immigrant from the African continent), and he is the Brand Manager for one of the most iconic automotive brands in the southwest —- none other than Rolls Royce in and for Atlanta, at Motorcars of Atlanta.   Alex came to America, with his family, and is carving his own niche as a specialist in the Rolls Royce brand, and he is doing a great job.  When the pandemic is over and it is safe for us to mix amongst each other again, I plan on hosting a citywide event at the dealership to introduce my broad network of diverse, and in this case, high net worth friends, to this great man.  For the moment, I am introducing him to you here.  You can take a closer look at my Rolls Royce loaner car (valued at approximately $700,000) here.

Alex Bouquet handing me the keys to my loaner car for the week, the iconic Rolls Royce Phantom (Extended Wheelbase) 2019 model year.

I also want to recognize Ms. Brittany Cabbler, Client Engagement & Marketing Manager for Motorcars of Atlanta overall, and another high level African-American leader there.

But few things — especially things involving enlightenment — happen in life without intentional leadership at the top.  And that’s precisely why I also want to acknowledge and comment my friend Brandon Saszi, who is the GM and Principal overseeing the entire multi brand enterprise (Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Lotus, etc).  He always tries to do things right, and to also — do the right thing.  I applaud him and his partners for that.    

John Hope Bryant of BG Motorsports, and Brandon Saszi, General Manager & Principal of Motorcars of Atlanta.

Brandon and his partners know that diversity in business, is simply good business.  And the right thing to do too.  

John Hope Bryant, Entrepreneur  



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