I was honored to spend time today with some of our communities best and most inspiring leaders from Atlanta, and also to host our new friend Fred Maxik.

Fred Maxik, who founded Healthe, traveled this week from Florida to Atlanta to donate 100 air purification units to benefit the administrators, teachers and students of Atlanta Public Schools.

John Hope Bryant, Tommy Dortch, Jr, Erika Y. Mitchell, Dr. Lisa Herring and Fred Maxik

Dr. Lisa Herring, Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools and Ms. Erika Y. Mitchell, Board Member for Atlanta Public Schools District 5 hosted Tommy Dortch, Jr., Chairman of 100 Black Men of America, John Hope Bryant, Founder of Operation HOPE and Fred Maxik, founder of Heathe, at APS Headquarters to formally present the contribution to the school system.

Fred Maxik called me a few weeks back to share his concerns around the quality of movement (or the lack thereof) in underserved communities tied to COVID19, and most notably our public school systems. And so, we quickly came up with a plan to work with Fred to donate 100+ air purification units to the Atlanta Public School system, and that donation, valued at more than $100,000, was made this week.

These same air purification systems are in place and being utilized by the U.S. federal and Washington, DC governments, but Fred decided to make a generous personal donation to benefit Atlanta’s underserved. Specifically, this donation will benefit both the APS headquarters office and staff, and select classrooms throughout the most in need APS schools, beginning in District 5.

This key contribution will allow the Atlanta Public Schools leadership to install this new technology in areas with the greatest immediate need, and benefit — to leaders, teachers and students — at no cost to them. Allowing all to more quickly, and safely, get back to work and school.

Fred Maxik is a modern day genius of sorts, with more than 400 patents to his name, along with the founding of several successful companies. One of which is Healthe.

I was proud to stand with him and Atlanta Public School leaders, along with me and my friend Tommy Dortch, Jr., representing the coalition of Operation HOPE, Inc, 100 Black Men of America and Just Brothers, in making this new resource available to our children and communities.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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