Early in January, 2021, in my capacity as entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE, Bryant Group Ventures and The Promise Homes Company, I was honored to be asked to speak before the GLOBE and Diversity & Inclusion Group at NASDAQ.

Employees received me well, when I challenged everyone there to ‘lean all the way into this moment in history….’. To understand that ‘history doesn’t feel historic, when you are sitting in it. It just feels like another day. But that doesn’t at all mean, that this moment is not in fact, historic. It’s time to lean, all the way in.’

And so, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I learned that the employee family at NASDAQ, and specifically the black and brown and diverse employee family at NASDAQ, thought enough of my and our work and contributions to do something truly – special.

NASDAQ surprised all by featuring me and our work on their NASDAQ Tower in Times Square in New York City. Deeply honored, by this.

It’s time for us all to contribute. It’s time for us all, to lean in.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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