Today my latest book came out (5th to date, three bestsellers) entitled “Up From Nothing: The Untold Story of How We (All) Succeed.” It is a story for and about all of us. ALL of us.

Aren’t you tired of walls that separate us? Aren’t you tired of someone defining you by where you came from, versus where you’re going, or have the potential to arrive? Or discounting you on the basis of your gender, or deciding to like or not like you, based on your political preferences, or what race you happen to be? Aren’t you tired of having the world act as if you are invisible? What separates you from the success that you and others so rightly deserve? My answer is largely mindset.

In this book, which reached the #30 bestselling spot in category on Amazon on its first day, I will teach you about how to secure the right mindset that will make you a winner in life. To secure a winning mentality, so that you are hard to beat.

In Up From Nothing, I cover unpack first and foremost, the leading three mindsets:

  1. The Struggling Mindset.
  2. The Thriving Mindset.
  3. The Winning Mindset. The Winning Mindset, is where you find Builders.

In Up From Nothing, I articulate the three roles of leadership teams and your success:

    The Hunter.
    The Sinner (Preparer).
    The Cook.

In Up From Nothing, I outline the 5 Pillars of (Anyone’s) Success:

  1. Massive Education.
  2. Understanding the Numbers.
  3. Family Structure and Resiliency.
  4. Self Esteem and Confidence.
  5. Role Models.


Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant.

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