On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, Berrett Koehler Publishers released my newest book, ‘Up From Nothing: The Untold Story of How We (All) Succeed,’ internationally in hard copy, digital and audiobook formats. I personally read the audiobook version myself.

After the first week’s release, ‘Up From Nothing’ was in the top 20 Top Bestselling books in its category (Amazon), which exceeded expectations and account for my fourth bestseller of the five books I have authored to date.

The week included a promising Book Review by Porchlight Books , which highlighted Up From Nothing as one of their October Books to Watch.

Radio interviews on the book included Bloomberg Radio.

A very special thank you to Roland Martin and Bishop T.D. Jakes, along with Janice Bryant Howroyd amongst others, who together helped me introduce my new book to the masses. If you are not following them, you should.

It should also be noted that this is yet another example of a book being successfully launched globally, without the direct, active support of mainstream media outlets or the endorsements and push of celebrities. This is truly an example of the power of the people.

If you haven’t purchased Up From Nothing yet, do that right now! And consider giving an extra copy as a gift for a friend this holiday season or for a birthday.

And when you are ready, make an appointment to transform your life with an appointment with a HOPE Financial Coach at a HOPE Inside location near you. Operation HOPE’s services are all free.

You can win, but first you must believe that you can. That you ARE a winner, before you won anything.

John Hope Bryant

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