I joined Julia Chatterley of CNN last Thursday June 11th on a segment entitled “America in Crisis.” 

Watch the segment now:

I was happy to discuss Operation HOPE and how we are helping today’s crisis.

Julia Chatterley with John Hope Bryant

At Operation HOPE, our mission is to change the world and eradicate poverty in our lifetime. Our mission is much more practical now in the backdrop of COVID-19.

We desire to be America’s financial coach, the Starbucks of financial inclusion, the Walmart of economic empowerment, and the private banker of the working class and what I call “struggling” class.

As I keep saying, the color now is green. Not black or white as in race or red or blue as in political party, the color today is green. We all want more of it.

We are all stressed out about money and this is a problem we can solve.


Poverty is not defined by race. There are more poor whites than any other race in the US. The biggest recipient of transfer payments, such as welfare, are Caucasians.

The reason I love math is that it doesn’t have an opinion.

I spoke with Julia Chatterley about what I have proposed to the White House and to both democratic parties, it’s called A New Marshall Plan.

America has not essentially had a middle-class wage increase since the 1970’s. We need a living wage for all.

We need education, beyond high school, K through college. Education banishes ignorance and discrimination.

Anger is not a strategy and frustration is not a business plan. We are at a tipping point here. We cannot handle another one of these. We need to channel all this negative energy into something positive.

It’s called “A New Marshall Plan” and it will be the rainbow after the storm.

Learn more, watch the segment and then pick up the phone and call Operation HOPE, America’s financial coach. Our services are free. Call 888-388-HOPE.

Watch the video now: https://youtu.be/OJholbmmJw0

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