Have you seen my latest video? I’m not being patriotic here. And – listen up now please – why we all need a “Silver Rights Movement” in our lives, right now.

If you are from one of these groups:

  1. African American
  2. Poor Whites
  3. Native American Indians
  4. Middle Class Anyone

You need to watch this video:

Let me begin by saying that America is not going to fail.

This is “deadly” serious, yes. The coronavirus is deadly

America hasn’t shut down like this since the Civil War.

We will get through this and there is going to be an economy. The economy right now is on what I call a “pause.”

This is not a black person’s crisis or a certain population
in one small city or state. It’s America’s crisis.

The coronavirus is affecting our wallet. Not just yours. It
has hit everyone’s wallets, including big businesses that risk going out of

So why am I saying that we are not going to fail? Listen to this:

Only the United States Treasury Department and the Federal
Reserve collectively can print money. Not a city or a state, but the United
States Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve collectively.

They will keep printing as much money as necessary to solve this problem.

The first check that was cut to solve this problem was $1 trillion.
Then came a package worth $2.5 trillion. Now there is another $1 trillion
including the package that just got approved last week. We are at almost $5
trillion and we are nowhere near done.

This is the biggest bailout in world history because the US is the largest economy in the world. America cannot go broke. The federal government cannot afford for the US to go broke.

What about the other nations? The other nations need us to
survive. China can’t build unless America continues to buy. Can I get an “Amen?”

America is hooked on freedom. You can’t tell us what to do.
We are resilient and we will respond to threats with full force.

The government has checks going to you. Never has the
American government given you a check that you don’t have to pay back.

Never has the government told businesses to shut down and, in return, they have offered you a check.

The American government must solve this problem, because it
hits our economy and it hits our freedom. You are driving this economy and we
are coming together to solve this problem.

Get your money through the CARES Act. The government told
you to shut down and they are giving you money to help you. Go get your money!

Remember that rainbows follow storms.

The world has changed people and here is a must do list for

Everybody, in a stay at home environment, you need a class in computing. Your kids need education in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In this environment, you need a class in financial literacy,
accounting, technology overall, and social media overall.

If you have a business, you need a class in business
management. Operation HOPE offers it for free.

Everyone needs a class in credit scores. Why do you need a 700+ credit score? Because 700-credit score communities don’t riot, they go shopping. 500 credit scores go and riot.

Are you looking for your small business loan from the CARES Act? You need the backend structure. Banks need to know who you are. Banks must know your customer or they risk going to jail themselves.

It’s called know your borrower. It doesn’t matter what your race is, the bank needs to know who you are.

What should you look forward to?

  • Become a home owner.
  • Become a small business owner.
  • Become an entrepreneur.
  • Become the head of your household.

There is no conspiracy against you. Why do I say that?
Because people are only thinking of themselves, not about you.

You need to worry about you. Stop feeling threatened.

You need to be a mental threat because of how you think.
Fight by thinking.

Watch the video now: https://youtu.be/VsEX9pmWZI4

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