I had the pleasure to speak with Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News Senior Business correspondent on April 15th on a segment about the “Unique Challenges for Minority Owned Businesses.”

According to the SBA, minority owned businesses employ at least 8.7 million Americans across this country.

What is being done to support those businesses?

There are good intentions, but there is still a grave concern that good people are being left behind.

Operation HOPE is stepping in to provide critical financial counseling needed during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

I don’t think this is isolated to minorities however.

I think that 80% of Americans in the US are going to need financial coaching and counseling before this pandemic is over.

Financial literacy should really be a Civil Rights issue.

Terence Dickson, Owner of Terra Café in Baltimore, Maryland asked, “What does a business in a community that doesn’t qualify for loans or credit do to survive? How do you make the difficult decision to close or stay open and fight?”

I say don’t give up and don’t give in! Call Operation HOPE, our services are FREE. You are going to get a check from the Federal Treasury this week or next. You get at least $10,000 if you don’t traditionally qualify for your business loan or nonprofit.

Go apply, you need to go apply. I can’t stress this enough. Go to your local bank. You don’t need to have a banking relationship either.

If you need help, please call Operation HOPE and let us help you.

Don’t give up. A rainbow is coming after the storm.

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