Today I spoke with Gayle King, co-host of CBS This Morning in a series called the “Coronavirus Financial Fallout,” focusing on how minority households and minority businesses are being affected.

Watch the full interview now by clicking here.

Pew Research says that as of March 19-24, among U.S. households that lost a job, took a pay cut, or both, 29% are white, 36% are black, and 49% are hispanic.

At Operation HOPE, we are doing credit counseling, helping individuals and businesses that qualify for the CARES Act, helping consumers to modify their mortgage, modify their small business loans and modify their credit cards. We are helping to reset their life.

Today the immediate color is green. Not black, white, red, brown or yellow. The color is economic green.

Go get in line and apply for your money with the CARES Act. You are not going to get as much money as you want, or quickly as you as you would like, and you won’t necessarily like the process, but it is there and get in line! The money is real.

It is the first time in US history that the government is giving you a check and most times you don’t have to pay it back.

Stop complaining about it and the size of it. Get in line.

You have to find an SBA approved lender. You don’t need an account with them. You don’t need to go to a big bank. Go to a small bank or a credit union. Go somewhere with the shortest line possible.

You are never going to get a check like this again from the government. Go and apply now!

If you need help, don’t wait. Call us, Operation HOPE. We can help you.

Stay positive. Rainbows follow storms, it is a scientific fact.

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