Featured in “Black Financial Leaders Offer New Strategies to Help Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap”

March, 2020

In my continuation of honoring the legacy of the Freedman's Bank, I spoke during the Freedman's Bank Forum, hosted by the U.S. Treasury Department. Thanks to Black Enterprise Magazine for your help spreading the word about financial inclusion and sharing my thoughts. 

Check out the article, click here.

How are you building and growing wealth for your family and your communities? I really want you to think about that and answer aloud. Find a piece of paper or start planning on your phone/tablet/laptop — whatever it takes. If you're not in a position to answer that question, I want you to make it a priority to see one my #HopeFinanciaalCoaches at one of the 150 Hope Inside locations, powered by Operation HOPE. They're waiting for YOU to take control of your narrative and change the story of your financial wellbeing! 

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