Any organization or movement striving to make a difference in the world needs a strong communications base to not only get the message out to the world but to also prepare those enacting the mission to be its best representatives. The marketing communications team at Operation HOPE has been doing a stellar job at updating and refining our organizational branding and presence. While the structure and spirit of HOPE remains the same, Caryn Anderson, Senior Vice President of the Marketing Communications, led her team and our organization through a brand refresh and uplift to head into the new year.

Operation HOPE Logo; Before and After Refresh

She and her team are to be commended for their exemplary work in owning their role in the area and leading our organization to have a greater awareness of brand and brand presence in the marketplace. Included in this refresh is a subtle redesign of our long-standing red HOPE arrow, which is reflected on all of our new collateral materials; a complete redesign of our website which is developing as a hub and resource for financial literacy and empowerment; our newly designed HOPE pins (you can  see me proudly donning mine during my latest  discussion on MSNBC); an extensive training video for our financial wellbeing  coaches in the field related to brand protection and promotion; and other pieces that were developed and packaged in a beautiful “HOPE Kit” which was designed to help onboard new Operation HOPE team members and galvanize and boost excitement around the mission for current staff.

Operation HOPE Website; Before and After Refresh

As we press further ahead into 2020 and beyond, I look forward to the continued growth of our programs and departments. Our Communications team will be ramping up their efforts to spread the message and mission of HOPE and financial dignity in the 40+ states and territories in which we have a presence and impact.

Again, kudos to Caryn Anderson and the Marketing Communications department for taking the lead in this area.

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