John Hope Bryant speaking at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.

I am proud and honored to report that our movements for Silver Rights, the growth of our nonprofit, for purpose organization Operation HOPE, and our growing network of on-the-ground HOPE Inside locations, now 150+ locations and counting, continue to benefit from my growing social media Following.

Basically, I gather support for the inspired message, and pour that interest into one of our programs to empower people through Operation HOPE, nationwide and in South Africa too.

Our movement recently surpassed 1M Followers on my John Hope Bryant Live public page alone, with another 200K+ coming from a growing group of thought leaders in residence at LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube et all.

And this does not include what is going on in my for profit companies, such as The Promise Homes Company, which benefit from their own segregated Following and activity. Naturally, while I own my own brand, I have chosen to pour the benefits and effects of my growing Following (on a non-commercial basis, meaning I charge these entities nothing for it) into the sub-brands that I have created, and actively nurture, Those entities then hand off to their own separate, dedicated teams, focused on mining their own mission and movement work.

But if you want to know what I am up to in all aspects of my diverse world (we have stood up more than 40 companies, organizations and entities to date), simply choose to Follow all accounts.

Follow the movement, if you haven’t already. Lean in. Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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