By David Pendered

Finding an affordable home is challenge enough. A new program offered by The Promise Homes Co. to its residents aims to help keep homes affordable – through the free supply and installation of lower-cost LED light bulbs.

promise homes

Residents of houses rented by Promise Homes can have lower-cost LED lights installed at no cost because the bulbs were donated by Lighting Science Group Corp. Credit: Promise Homes

The savings can add up. Each home can expect to reduce lighting costs by $200, according to a statement released by Promise Homes.

Savings stem from the two-fold benefits of LED bulbs, compared to traditional incandescent bulbs – LED bulbs use less energy to operate than incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower electrical costs; and LED bulbs have a lifecycle five times longer than incandescent bulbs, which lowers replacement costs, according to the statement.

The lighting program brings together an affordable housing program sponsored by John Hope Bryant and a lighting system advanced by industry pioneer Fred Maxik.

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