Here is a client testimonial ft. one of our amazing financial wellbeing coaches, Penny Southward of HOPE Inside Regions Bank, Roebuck.

HOPE Inside Regions Bank, Roebuck offers our credit and money management and homeownership programs at no cost to clients. This HOPE Inside is located at 9178 Parkway East Birmingham, Alabama 35206

“Operation HOPE lives up to the meaning of their name. The teams are in operation to give you hope when there is no hope left. Many of us in the world today have many things on our minds daily and I can honestly say that our financial well-being is one of them. How we will pay off our debt, how can we create a future for our family, how can we live in the moment and stay financially balanced. Many questions will arise and the answers may float in the air. Many people can use the knowledge that Operation HOPE offers. I do wish I had this knowledge prior. However; I am grateful that I do have this information now. I can keep it with me forever and even share it with the next person.

I met Ms. Penny in a workshop at church. She provided loads of information on finances and answered all of our questions with grace without blinking. I waited until the end of the class to speak with Ms. Penny personally. My exact words were ” I dug a hole I don’t think I can get out of”. Ms. Penny gave me a folder with her business card attached and told me about services that Operation HOPE has, and told me to set an appointment to speak with her. I reached out to Ms. Penny and she sent me everything I needed for success. I procrastinated to reach back out but she kept checking to see how things were with me. I remembered the hole I needed to crawl out of and I had to do something. My appreciation goes to Ms. Penny for dealing with me when I took forever and 30 days to respond or complete a task. She helped me realize that I needed to hold myself accountable for my actions and rise above the challenges that were holding me back. When I turned in everything, Ms. Penny told me that the hole was not as big as I thought and It was an easy fix. I can honestly say that this year has brought many advances financially and I could not have navigated the changes successfully until I had the knowledge needed to manage them properly.

I believe that the community that I am apart of lacks in knowledge about our finances and have to suffer in the end; after all the mistakes have been made. After those mistakes, we will continue to make the same mistakes instead of learning from them due to the lack of knowledge. I do hope, as people, we can become more like Ms. Penny and the team she serves with at Operation HOPE; to inform and share the knowledge that will allow us to rise to the top on the financial billboard.

Continue to rise to the top Operation HOPE and the people shall go with you.

Thank You!
Penny Southward and Operation Hope.
Warm Regards,
Kim P.

Thank You Kim P. for your kind words, Operation HOPE is working everyday to make a difference in the community.

HOPE Inside Regions Bank, Roebuck Contact:
(205) 683-5204
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