Sometimes greatness is sitting right under your feet. Such is the case with my father-in-law Dr. David Dalton. Talk about greatness under the radar — Dr. Dalton certainly qualifies.

Two decades ago, Dr. Dalton and two other early business pioneers built what the country came to know to be RiteAid.

Since that time Dr, Dalton has founded, built, grown, merged and sold several companies, and is today widely recognized pioneer in the healthcare and medical space, nationally. Specifically, Dr. Dalton holds two Ph.D’s in pharmacy, and helped to pioneer many core aspects of the pharmacy industry itself, as we know and see it today. Recently Dr. Dalton was recognized by The International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders for 2019.

And most impressive to me, as an entrepreneurship and business builder myself, I am particularly impressed that Black Enterprise Magazine has once again named Dr. Dalton and his businesses (specifically Health Resources, Inc., a pharmaceutical product and services company, taking #22 on the list) to their Top 100 Black Owned Business List for the country.

His latest rollup of companies, Health Resources in Maryland, has north of 200M in annual revenue. And yes, he is busy working on new companies and offerings as well — many that promise to outperform even what he is doing now and in the past.

Dr. Dalton has quietly held a top spot on the BE 100 List for close to two decades, and he is still going strong. Others on the BE 100 List, amongst the top 25 companies on this same list, include Act-1 (staffing services, run by my friend Janice Bryant Howroyd), Urban One (radio, formerly Radio One), Salamander Hotels & Resorts, and H.J. Russell & Co., amongst others.

What’s really cool to note is that had one of my private companies submitted its paperwork for 2018, it appears that both father and son would have been on the same list together! Now there is a vision for the future (smile). For now, I am just ecstatic to sing my father-in-law’s praise for this worthwhile and noteworthy achievement.

Commendations and kudos Dr. David Dalton. You are an American pioneer.

Note: I am married to Dr. Dalton’s daughter, Mrs. Chaitra Dalton Bryant, who is an acknowledged partner in Health Resources and other companies with her father, and partnered with her father most recently to launch the Wellness Division of his parent company. Some of her work in this agenda can now be found in Chaitra Inc, and her Art of Wellness, by Chaitra. The entrepreneurial brilliance did carry over from father to daughter, I can confirm.

The best is yet to come. Stand by for more.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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