Click the image to watch the whole segment about capitalism vs. socialism

I spent this morning in New York on the set of CNBC’s Squawk Box talking about the debate between capitalism vs. socialism. I said to the hosts, even if you wanted to distribute money like a socialist, you must first collect it like a capitalist. Capitalism created enormous opportunity in this country, but that opportunity is beginning to become concentrated.

I also touched on the the most recent jobs report. Yes, the numbers were positive, but there are gaps. 40 percent of all those jobs will go away because of automation and AI in about 20 years. We need to begin talking about skills that will allow people to participate in the free enterprise system. The debate shouldn’t be about defending capitalism. It should be about giving more people a fair shot to advance in the system.

This is what we strive to do through our work at Operation HOPE. I think we should encourage others, especially those living in the inner cities, to thrive financially. Click HERE to see more of the conversation.

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