Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to talk about the Silver Rights Movement and financial empowerment during The Summit On Race In America, presented by the LBJ Foundation. Click HERE to watch the full video of the speech

Photo by Ralph Barrera

I spoke about everything, from the history of the Freedman’s Bank… to the issue of poverty… to the real truth about “inner cities”.

Photo by Jay Godwin

The issue is about providing financial literacy for all! My commitment is to continue the work of President Abraham Lincoln through our work at Operation HOPE. We plan to open 1,000 HOPE Inside locations by 2020. We WILL be the Starbucks of financial inclusion.

Photo by Ralph Barrera

As I said in my speech, I’m not going to stop until I level the playing field by increasing credit scores. It’s bigger than me! Because when you increase a credit score, you’re increasing optimism, energy, and confidence in yourself. We must continue the work of the Silver Rights Movement– and I appreciate the LBJ Foundation for giving me the opportunity to talk about our mission. Let’s go…

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