It is nice when you just do what you think is the right thing, and good things happen simply because of that and nothing else. Such was the case this morning, when I was asked to appear before the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, where County Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson led the effort to present me with her first ever County Proclamation.

The Proclamation commended the on the ground work of my national nonprofit organization, Operation HOPE, which this morning announced we would be launching our first HOPE Inside location (funded by RBC Bank) serving DeKalb County. But it also commended the quality affordable housing work being done in the County by my commercial business, The Promise Homes Company, which just so happens to also be the largest landlord in DeKalb County. A fact that I was largely unaware of, until recently.

This is the first time that both my business and philanthropic efforts were jointly acknowledged and saluted by an organ of government. Deeply honored by this.

A special thank you to the other County Commissioners, including Commissioner Jeff Rader, Commissioner Larry Johnson, Commissioner Steve Bradshaw, Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson, Commissioner Kathie Gannon, Commissioner Nancy Jester, and of course Commissioner Cochran-Johnson.

A special commendation here to our own Dr. Anita Ward, president of Operation HOPE, who largely led the effort to forge a relationship, and future working partnership with the County on behalf of HOPE.

A special kudos from me to the Honorable Michael Thurmond, who is CEO of DeKalb County, and I believe one of the leading municipal leaders and administrators in the entire country. The County is fortunate to have his talents, skills and integrity.

Okay, back to work for me and my team. Now we need to earn this recognition, all over again, by further helping to empower the lives of those who call DeKalb County home.

John Hope Bryant

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