On the eve of my 53rd birthday, I am so honored to report that the public benefit, non profit, for-purpose organization I founded after the Rodney King Riots of 1992, Operation HOPE, has to date served more than 4 million clients — both youth and adult — as the pursue their economic empowerment dreams.

In the future, Operation HOPE will be noted as serving tens of millions, inspiring hundreds of millions here and around the world, and directing billions of dollars of capital (investments) in underserved communities — for their uplift.

To date Operation HOPE has facilitated more than 2.5 billion of capital for small business, entrepreneurship, home ownership and financial education in the underserved communities we serve and work in day to day.

Here is a link to our 2018 Report Card, prepared and issued by me and our HOPE President Dr. Anita Ward, as well as another link to an article around HOPE reaching the 1,000 cities served mark by my birthday as well.

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