My Delivering The Memo Facebook video series is back! In the first episode of Season 2, I talk about the debate surrounding the word, gentrification.

I wanted to break down everything you may THINK you know about Gentrification, and why I believe it’s actually, mostly, something else — capitalism happening right underneath our feet.  And the real problem is — most of us (who live and love these urban, inner city, underserved communities) are not participating.  We are not participating in the community uplift, the economic increase, and in most cases, we are not even continuing residents of our own neighborhoods (because of property tax defaults, because we rent but never pull the trigger to own, because unlike others, outsiders, we don’t actually see the untapped ‘value’ in and around our own communities, and so much more).

Gentrification, by definition, is the upgrading of a neighborhood to fit the tastes of a middle class standard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re white, black or brown. This isn’t about racism, It’s about capitalism. During the episode, I also visited the childhood home of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to demonstrate how his family understood the power of property ownership. We need to get the MEMO and understand how the game is played, before we’re forced to watch our neighborhoods grow on the sidelines.

So, how we can all adapt to gentrification, or better yet, make it work for us?  How do we convert the conversation from a friction filled, negative discussion of black vs white, into a new conversation about sharing more of the green (as in US currency and wealth creation).  

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