Michelin Tires North America is about so much more than tires. If you look at its pedigree, its really a very deep, rich, smart engineering company expressing its thought leadership through automotive tires. And that made them the perfect original partner for the BG Motorsports Academy (BGMA).

BGMA is focused on diversity and inclusion and encouraging young people to pursue careers in motorsports, including vast opportunities in robotics, automation, electric vehicles and the incredible opportunities available in engineering.  Michelin has a range of engineer jobs and career positions available, right now — but far too few applicants (of color, and women) pursuing them.  

Through our growing alliance between Michelin North America and BGMA we hope to change some of this – through outreach, engagement, education in our schools, field trips, internships, hopeful apprenticeships, and jobs and career placement.

BGMA is proud to have Michelin North America as a partner in our work to inspire, motivate and bring up the next generation of young engineers in the motorsports space.

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