The Bryant Group Motorsports Academy was officially launched in 2017, partnering with Atlanta Public Schools, Ford Performance, Michelin North America, Road Atlanta, Chin Track Days and other supporters to inspire, encourage, educate, uplift and empower young people, and to open doors of diversity in motorsport. Specifically, youth were inspired to become interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) education (and careers) through the power of the motorsports sector.

The Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) family was deeply honored to receive support originally from the Ford Fund, at its inception. A year later, we were thrilled to receive word that Ford Performance would be donating two Ford Performance Tester Cars to the Academy.

Introducing the newest members of the BGMA family — a black Ford Shelby GT350R, and a grey Ford Shelby GT350.

After setting the donated Shelby GT350’s up with top of the line safety equipment (with a full race cage installed in the GT350R), the cars were used throughout 2018 in both the BGMA in class program as well as track experiences, mostly at our home track of Road Atlanta.

A special thank you to the Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance teams for all of their support and ongoing help.

Additional thanks goes to Mr. Sandy K. Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce who made the formal introduction to the Ford family. Today, Henry Ford, III is a co-founder of the BGMA program and serves on the BGMA board of directors.

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