ATLANTA has had a hole in the middle for many years. 
Assuming that the Gulch project is done in harmony with community and environment, and it creates anywhere near the new jobs projected, it will be a win for the city.  
We have seen a glimpse into how Tony Ressler at least builds and thinks, as he has already leaned into his Atlanta Hawks basketball team in positive ways. Private conversations, dealing with the personal financial health and personal well being of his players, as an example.  Mentoring many of them, not just employing them. 
Now he is using his time and money to lean into the Gulch project with his brother.  This has got to be a good thing, when you think about it. 
Atlanta has always been fortunate to have great minds willing to help create higher standards of living and quality of life for the citizens of Atlanta. Leaders such as John Portman. Herman Russell, Ted Turner, Arthur Blank, Bernie Marcus, Truett Cathy and others. We have been truly fortunate to attract and capture great talent here. Together we have created quiet a city. 
Tony and his brother have a chance to join this long history of builders and contributers to and for the city. 
Great vision. Great wealth. Supporting a great need. Seeing opportunity to do well and to do good too. 
If the Gulch project can help to create 30K+ plus jobs and replace an unsightly hole in the ground with an inspiring new ‘city within the city,’ we believe this could be a very good thing. 
Not costing the city a dime.  But it will help make the city many future dollars. And with any luck, help to attract to it the next generation of inspired builders for Atlanta.
Who knows, maybe they are some of the same young people who will be working and living at — The Gulch. 
Ambassador Andrew Young and John Hope Bryant

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