My heart goes out to the family and friends of one John McCain today. He truly defines the phrase — A Great American.

I don’t much care for the sharp, divisive, partisan politics of today. And this is all the more reason why I respect, admire, even love the form of public leadership that U.S. Senator John McCain brought to the world stage.

Senator McCain passing today signals not only a death of a great man, but as well a death, in the short term, to a form of human dignity in leadership that is needed now more than ever.

We had often been in the same rooms together in Washington, D.C., but unfortunately we were not friends. This was my loss. I should have put forth the effort to get to know him. As Senator McCain was my kind of man. He spoke truth to power, even when that truth was highly inconvenient. Even when speaking that truth was harmful to his own agenda or political party position.

For Senator McCain, the question was always — was it right?

Was it right, and doing right, and standing for what was right (as he saw it) was and will remain a deep and penetrating part of his enduring legacy.

He not only stood for his beliefs, he lived them. Service to nation and sacrifice for others does not get much deeper than being a POW (Prisoner of War). And while others can talk about what they would do, Mr. McCain actually did it. Sacrificed it. Paid the price. Stood in the gap. Lived — his truth.

Thank you Senator McCain for all that you did. Now you have been Promoted sir. Gone on, to a better place. Your spirit will forever be with us. Surrounding us. Hopefully — guiding us.

Rest Good Man. Rest.

It’s time for the rest of us to go to work — extending your legacy and continuing your good and noble work.

John Hope Bryant, founder, Operation HOPE

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