Did you get The Memo? It’s easy to miss if you didn’t. That’s why I wrote a bestselling new book on the topic. Chosing to go to Harvard University or another extremely prominent university like it is but one simple yet powerful example of a group of people who got what I call ‘The Memo.’ Now I am going to explain why.

Without question, Harvard University is one of the most outstanding universities in the entire world.

The educational experience, the immersion, and the quality of professors that a student encounters there is no doubt best-in-class. But none of these good reasons, is the ONE really, really reason to attend Harvard.

You see, you don’t go to Harvard University and pay 5 times more than a great, well regarded state university because you feel that you will end up 5 times smarter when you graduate. Because with great respect, you won’t be (5 times smarter). And that’s not really the point either.

You go to Harvard University, and you pay 5 times more, gladly, for one simple reason — the class of 2018 is going to ‘hook each other up’ for the next 40 years. It becomes a Club. Heck, it is a Club.

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