Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) had a first ever BGMA Day at Road Atlanta this past weekend, with Chin Track Days, in preparation for the HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga.

The special treat for me, in addition to giving young people and first time track people a ride of their lives, in the passenger seat of a 2017 Ford Shelby GT350R track prepped car, was taking young Kayelea Doff for both the ride of her life, and MY FASTEST EVER lap time in the R at Road Atlanta. My time dropped in this session from a 1:41 lap time, down to 1:39 — and then two seconds down to 1:37.

When you watch the video, check out the start, when she is lovingly terrified, to the end, when she is rocking car-confidence.

A special thank you to our BGMA lead partners Ford Performance, Michelin USA and Road Atlanta.  A special thank you here to Chin Track Days, and most of all, my BGMA program co-founder Henry Ford III.  In this video I am driving my privately owned Ford Shelby GT350R (chassis #75), but Ford Performance and Ford Motor Company graciously donated two of their Performance test cars to the Academy.  A formal announcement in this regard will be announced soon.

Check out the work of BGMA and see how you can lean in and support it.


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