As we move to Scale our movement for Operation HOPE on-the-ground, both urban and rural, across the country, I am excited to report that Operation HOPE and our partners are scaling up and expanding a signature initiative within Project 5117 — it’s called HOPE Inside.

We have more than 100 operational HOPE Inside locations (105+ to be exact) operating within bank branches, grocery stores, hotels, city hall’s, major employers — even a police department. Our goal is 1,000 HOPE Inside locations nationwide, and we have close to 500 orders for pending HOPE Inside locations with and for our partners.

Our HOPE Inside locations are raising credit scores 120 points over a 24 month period, moving people from renters to homeowners. Moving people from small business dreamers into small business owners. From a consumer mentality, into an ownership mentality. And helping our partner banks to move from the ‘no business,’ back into where they want to be – ‘the yes business’ (approving loans and extending credit to and for those they believe will pay them back). We call this our HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities.

We will become ‘the Starbucks of Financial Inclusion,’ with a HOPE Inside location in every underserved and struggling and working middle class neighborhood across the nation. We are continuing the unfinished work of President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, with their vision for the Freedman’s Bank, along with the unfinished agenda of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, with the Poor People’s Campaign.

Major HOPE Inside partners across the country include SunTrust Banks, who committed to 200 HOPE Inside locations, Regions Bank, which committed to 100 HOPE Inside locations, First Tennessee Bank has committed to 30+ locations, Fulton Financial, One West Bank and others have committed to converting up to 10% of their entire branch network to be HOPE Inside locations. Our current vision for HOPE Inside, as a model began with Bank of the West.

Make an appointment to see a HOPE Financial Coach at one of our HOPE Inside locations today. Contact Operation HOPE today.

John Hope Bryant, founder.

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