I am proud and honored to report that our movement – our Silver Rights Movement – has now hit the 500,000 Like and 510,000 Followers Mark on Facebook alone, at John Hope Bryant Live. The ‘John Hope Bryant Straight Talk Video Series’ has 44M viewers to date, and growing. Several videos are north of 1M views each, and a couple are north of 5M views. And all of this happened since March, 2016.

A special thank you to Roland Martin for encouraging me to use the Facebook Live platform to share my message, early last year.

This Public Page — growing at 10,000 Followers per week on average — sparked interest from Facebook corporate to offer me a new episodic streaming series on Facebook Shows: it is now called “Delivering The Memo” with John Hope Bryant. It is a free subscription, episodic show.

A final thank you to Caryn Anderson, Jamie Nelson and our Operation HOPE Communications support team, who are the backbone to all of our message work, domestically and globally. A special note: our second fastest growing group of Followers are from South Africa, Nigeria, and the African continent! Love. This.

Let’s go. And Follow, Like and Subscribe to John Hope Bryant Live, The Memo Page, and the Delivering The Memo Show.

John Hope Bryant

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