I was honored to join civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young and the Delegation from the Andrew Young Foundation at Essence Festival, Durban, South Africa, representing Operation HOPE.

I outlined my vision for THE MEMO: 5 Rules For Your Economic Liberation, on this past Friday, September 30th, 2017, framing out a vision for the future of South Africa. A future framed and curated by Delegates present.

South Africa has approximately 55 million people, yet only approximately 5 million taxpayers. Of those 5 million, approximately 1.3 million citizens pay the vast majority of all taxes paid in the country. This is important, because you cannot pay taxes without income, and a job — and what South Africa needs above all else is a new generation of JOBS.

The middle class, overjoyed with their societal freedoms, now need financial freedom as well. Many in the middle class have become overwhelmed with debt and need revitalization and rehabilitation.

The vast majority are the poor — and just need a chance at basic aspirational success. For them, the philosphy must be ‘if you can’t get a job, then create one — for yourself. Become an entrepreneur. Launch a movement for Silver Rights, and a generation of entrepreneurs.’

80% or more of the world’s population, and 95% of South Africans — need to get The Memo.

A very special thank you to the Essence team, the City of Durban, the Durban Tourism Board, and of course the Andrew Young Foundation team, for helping us — and me — to feel so welcome.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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